Band services

We offer a number of services for bands:

Booking agency

We run a booking agency to help bands achieve higher fees and play more show. Find out more about how to apply to join our booking agency roster here.

Recording studios

We have great contacts with recording studios all over the world and can negotiate great discounts for musicians. Find out more here.

CD duplication

If you are producing a CD please check out our competitive prices here.

Music videos

If you are planning on producing a music video please check out our information and ask for a quote.

Festival submissions

Do you want to play at more music festivals? If so find out how we can help you with our postal and email based campaigns. Find out more here.

Photo shoots

Several options are available for bands wanting a professional set of photos. Find out more about ourmusic photography packages by contacting Stefan at

Radio plugging

Would you benefit from the increased exposure gained from radio play? Now you can get your songs out to thousands of radio stations with our radio plugging service. Find out more here!

Record distribution

If you are releasing a new CD we may be able to help you with world wide distribution to independent record stores. Find out more about how we can help.

Tour packages

If you are interested in touring in the UK, Europe or America you might be interested in our tour packages. We have organised and tour managed numerous European tours and in 2010 organised our first American tour.