Record Distribution

A number of artists have told us that they find it difficult to land distribution deals to get their music stocked in big chain record stores. We are now offering a record distribution service where you could see your records sold in independent music stores across the UK, Europe and America. With a solid history of sales in these shops, artists have a good platform to approach larger retailers. We have over five hundred contacts with independent music stores mainly in the UK and America, but also in European countries including France, Germany, Portugal, Sweden, Austria, Italy and many more.

With these packages we contact the record stores on your behalf by email and send any leads directly to you, enabling you to negotiate your own deals and dispatch stock (please contact us for a bespoke quote if you would like us to also handle these elements).

We have two different packages available to suit your budget:

Gold Package: We charge £150 to send out a styled HTML email to one location (either Europe or America). If you already have your own designed email then we can reduce the cost to £95.

Silver Package: We also offer a cheaper alternative for those on a tighter budget. For £50 we are able to include your information on a shared email to one location (either Europe or America). By choosing this option we will send out your information with a selection of other artists.

If you are interested, or need any more details please contact Stefan on