How many festivals will I get as a result of using this service?

Festivals are a massively competitive area for bands so you should not expect to secure hundreds of bookings. The bands who have had the most success with us have secured in the region of 5-10 festival bookings in the first year and built this to 10+ in the second year. We can’t offer any guarantee on the number of bookings you will receive as the results do vary widely from one band to the next. By using our service you give yourself the best possible chance of getting your music to the right people. We strongly recommend using a combination of email and postal services to secure bookings. As a case study Franco and The Dreadnought went out on the mailer in 2012 and secured slots at:

  • Worcester Music Festival
  • Wild Woodlands Music Festival
  • Future Perfect Festival
  • Dentdale Music + Beer Festival
  • BOMfest (Barnsley Original Music)
  • Langdale Folk Festival
  • Kings Lynn Festival


Do you charge a fee for each booking we secure?

No, we just charge an up-front fee for the service. We ask that the festivals then contact you or your booking agent directly. If any enquiries accidentally come to us we forward them on to you to deal with and take no commission.


How much will we get paid for the festival shows we get?

Fees vary dramatically between each festival and for each band. We are happy to advise you on fees, but the negotiations will be down to you. You are likely to receive a mixture of paid and unpaid enquiries. Every band is different, but we strongly recommend that new bands should be open to playing for free or expenses if the opportunity for exposure to new fans is good.


Do you have direct booking contacts?

As a company our directors have over 60 years of experience in the music industry and as a result have built up a large database of festival contacts. We have been operating the festival mailer service since 2010 with great results. For most festivals on our database we have direct contact details for the booker and in a number of cases we have multiple contacts for various stages and promoters.


Which Festivals do you send our information out to?

We are constantly updating our list of festivals, so please email us and we can give you the latest list. Please let us know if you want to use our email service, postal service or both as we have different lists due to some festivals not accepting postal submissions.


Can you tell us how many festival organisers have viewed our email?

Yes, when we send out our festival submissions they are run through a mailing software which can track the open rate (how many have opened the email) and the click-through rate (how many have clicked on the band’s website or social media page). On request we can tell you these results – for example, out of the 1000+ contacts, X number have opened the email and X number have clicked on the band’s website. Open and click rates vary from one band to the next, but we aim to style the emails to encourage festivals to consider bands.


What kind of festivals are on your database? / Which genres of music do you accept?

The festivals on our database are very varied in their style and select bands from a wide range of genres. If your music is from a niche genre (such as thrash metal) you are probably already aware that your music doesn’t have such broad appeal and you are likely to secure less festival slots than other acts. We have had success with genres ranging from skiffle, folk and acoustic to rock and indie. We’ve represented not only bands, but also acts as diverse as DJs and story tellers.


For more information you can email us – info@wychwoodfestival.com