Event Marketing

We regularly undertake marketing campaigns for events including Mega Roller Disco and have also done promotional work for The Royal Shakespeare Company. We often tie-in campaigns for other businesses with our own, or run separate campaigns if this is more suitable. We have detailed the services we offer below; please contact us to discuss this further.

Print Marketing

For our larger events we print 5000 flyers and 500 A3 posters. These are distributed in Gloucester and Cheltenham. We drive around the suburbs, retail parks and industrial estates targeting local businesses (for use in notice boards and staff rooms), shops, community centres, supermarkets etc. We also cover Cheltenham and Gloucester Town Centres, distributing print to hairdressers, cafes, sandwich shops, restaurants, bars etc. Any remaining flyers are distributed door to door in affluent and student areas of Cheltenham.

The fee for distribution of up to 5000 flyers and 500 posters is £400 to be scheduled to suit your requirements. We offer a reducedfee of £250 if we can schedule this to coincide with one of our existing campaigns.

Our postal campaigns are primarily Gloucestershire based but other counties can be catered for. Please ask us for a quote.

Digital Promotion

  • E-mail shot to 20,000 individuals: £75

Design Services

  • Logo design: £150
  • Poster design: £75 [A3/A4]
  • Flyer design: £90 double sided [A7/A6/A5]

Printing Services

  • 5000 A6 flyers: £99 [250gsm, full colour, double sided, delivered to the UK]
  • 5000 A3 posters: £125 [full colour, single sided, delivered to the UK]