European Tour Package

With our European tour organisation package we arrange every aspect of your tour for you. If you pick this package, the first step is for us to discuss what you hope to gain from the tour and plan a route which is manageable, given our knowledge of the cities and roads.

We then get in touch with our continental contacts and magic together a tour for you! Then we sort out all the dull stuff (van hire, ferry, accommodation, route plans etc) and put all of the information together in a comprehensive tour handbook to guide you. You just need to turn up on day 1 of the tour and you will have everything you need to set off!


This package costs £650 flat fee (regardless of tour length) + £50 per show. For example, a 7 day tour (5 gigs) would cost £900, a 10 day tour (8 gigs) would cost £1050. You will also need to have substantial funds available to fund the logistics of the tour such as van hire, petrol etc.

It is worth bearing in mind that the average band on a tour organised by us generates more than £1000 of income (from gig fees, merchandise and busking) so you will recover some of this money whilst on tour. You will require very little spending money as all accommodation and most of your food and drink is provided by the venue.

What’s included?

  • We will organise gigs at venues throughout Europe
  • We will sort out your transport e.g. ferry crossings, van hire etc, but you will need to pay for these items
  • We will aim to provide free food and a place to sleep wherever possible
  • We aim to get free beer for you wherever possible!
  • We can provide useful advice such as when to wear high vis jackets, where not to have breakfast, how not to get fined 100 euros in Slovakia, where you can and can’t busk and where you should party after the gigs
  • We will promote the gig for you both online and by sending posters to the venues. This is important for getting people along to the gig but also to get you in the good books with the venue or promoter. We will also make sure that local radio stations, ‘what’s on’ guides, bloggers and music lovers know that you’re coming to town.

What’s not included?

  • With this package you are paying for us to organise the tour. You will need to pay for all logistical costs such as van hire, petrol, ferries and road tolls. We can provide you with detailed estimated costs for these items to help you plan your finances.
  • A tour manager is not provided with the package. Please see costings below if you would like us to provided a tour manager. If you are managing the tour yourself, you will need someone in the party who is good at waking up on time, looking after passports and driving around Europe!
  • It is not essential, but it is highly recommended that you take a small PA system and sound engineer with you on tour in case of any technical problems at the gigs. This is not included – but we find that most bands know someone happy to do sound for them in exchange for a free holiday! We can make sure that your sound engineer gets free food and accommodation each night.
  • Daytime food (e.g. lunch and snacks) are not included. We will aim to secure you a free meal each night, but you will need to fend for yourselves during the day. We can usually negotiate a few free breakfasts too, but no promises
  • You will need to apply for your own visas if applicable.

Tour manager

If you would like us to provide you with a tour manager to accompany you on the tour we can do so. Our tour managers charge £100 per day whilst touring plus £80 per day for travel days + expenses.

If you’re interested please contact us at