Booking agency

What can we offer you?

  • Higher fees: We have a proven track record of increasing bands’ fees.
  • Festival bookings: Festivals are very tough for bands to get in to. Bands we represent have played at Glade Festival, Wychwood Festival, Cheltenham Jazz Festival, 2000 Trees Festival, Eden Festival, Walk the Line Festival and numerous others.
  • More bookings: We have booked hundreds of gigs, weddings and functions throughout the UK and have organised several tours in Europe and America. Despite only being a booking agency for 18 months, we have three years of experience working in music. This reputation means that event organisers often come to us seeking bands.
  • Venue databases: As well as bookings coming directly to us, we also have a huge database of venues and booking agents in the UK a number of other countries, whom we can approach on your behalf.
  • Networking: We often attend music industry conferences and networking events to spread the word about our artists. We also often promote live events and have involvement with several festivals, which often benefits our acts.
  • Other benefits and services: As well as acting as a booking agent we also sometimes offer other services such as tour management, band management, web design, PR and marketing.

Please contact us if you are interested in booking agency support –