Music Xray

We are proud to work with Music Xray provides the industry’s best tools to help musicians get deals, get fans, and get better.


Get Deals

Music Xray matches your songs to Industry opportunities for free. Then they give you direct access to the decision makers and guarantee they listen and respond. The site is used by industry giants such as Sony, Universal, Warner, MTV, Live Nation, BMG, NBC’s The Voice and 1400 more including ourselves!

Get Fans

Music Xray has created a new way to reach your fans that identifies potential fans for free. Then they give you direct access to them with a guarantee they will listen. If they love what they hear, you get their email address. They can even tip you.

Get Better

Need to get better at getting deals and fans? Music Xray can give you access to Grammy-winning producers, hit songwriters, and even celebrity artists to ask their advice and opinions on your music. Top professionals with names you will recognise are eager to help you and are only a click away.