DJ Grammafone

“I’m 69. I’m old enough to be your grandmother. I’m better dressed than your girlfriend. Work that out punk!” – DJ Grammafone.

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Jo Lazzarani is the vivacious grand-dame of clubbing, injecting the scene with a much needed shot of glamour, attitude and mature sophistication through her DJ Grammafone alter-ego. At 69 years old and as a retired grandmother she might not be the type of person you’d expect to see holding court from the DJ booths of some of the hottest clubs and parties. And that’s completely understandable. At a time of the night when most of her contemporaries will be well ’settled down’, Jo’s evening is only just beginning.

She’ll be working on her ‘look’ (think Eartha Kitt meets Mad Max), digging through her virtual record crates (one night dropping a dubstep-heavy set, the next an un-ashamed party soundtrack) and preparing herself for yet another night behind the decks, rocking the show for an enthusiastic, appreciative and mesmerised crowd.

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