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Formed through the mutual desire not to starve to death, The Mighty Peas originally consisted of The Mysterious Boydsterous Macaroni and Jose Pepe Branston Pickles III. Unwilling to sit back and watch them have all the fun, The Fearless GPS Tommy Steelfingers stepped in to add the rumble of his bass fiddle and so they marched on to create the outstanding 3 piece they are today!

In the 7 years since they’ve been performing their unique brand of skiffle, jazz, comedy covers of popular classics and theme tunes at Clubs and Pubs, Theatres and Festivals, streets and bars all across the UK, Europe and beyond! Regulars at Glastonbury Festival (voted the best festival in the world ) and having made numerous National radio appearances, you can only imagine the large crowd of fans and friends they have made along their journey as a band, and plan to keep on going..

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